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What does a podiatrist do?

Podiatrist is trained to assess, diagnose and treat foot and lower limb problems. These may include skin and nail problems, foot and ankle injuries, foot complications related to diabetes and other medical conditions and problems with gait or walking.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not required for our podiatry services in our clinics if you are paying via health insurance or self-funding the visit. However, we do require a referral if you are using the following systems to have your podiatry service paid for.

  • Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) /Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral – from your GP for up to 5 podiatry visits paid by Medicare in a calendar year.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) referral – from your GP
  • National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) referral – self referral or from another provider and pre-arranged through NDIS.
What do I need to take with me to my first appointment?
  • Any xrays or scans which are relevant to your lower limb/foot complaint
  • Referral if relevant from your GP
  • Footwear frequently worn
  • Relevant medical history/medications
What payment methods do you accept?
  • We bulk bill our clinic clients who have a valid CDM, DVA referral.
  • We have a HICAPS terminal in both our practices and can process all on-the-spot claims through your private health insurance, Medicare and EFTPOS.
  • We also accept cash and or cheque for our clinic and home visit services.
Do you provide Podiatry home visits?

Yes we provide home visits throughout the Adelaide metro and outer metro region.

What is a gait analysis?

Gait analysis is a system of scientific analysis used by podiatrists to study how the body moves – or its biomechanics and effects on the feet, hips, lower back and limbs. During gait analysis your body’s movements are observed, measured, recorded and assessed. Then a diagnosis can be made, and treatments can be prescribed for conditions which may be affecting your ability to walk, or are causing you recurring pain.

I am a diabetic, how can a podiatrist help me?

Having diabetes may increase your risk of developing diabetes related-complications that include nerve damage called ‘peripheral neuropathy’ or poor circulation in your feet called ‘peripheral vascular disease’.  Neuropathy is the impairment of nerve function due to decreased blood flow and increased blood sugars. Individuals suffering from neuropathy may not be able to feel open sores, infections or blisters that need to be treated.

People with diabetes should receive a thorough foot assessment/examination  at least once a year by a podiatrist to identify and treat any high risk foot conditions.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment either online or by calling our clinic on 82974808

Do you sell footwear?

Yes we have a wide range of Revere and Vionic orthopedic footwear at our clinics in Plympton and Unley.

Is there parking available?

There is ample off street parking at both of our clinic locations. Our clinics are located on the ground floor making it easily accessible for all our patients.