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OUR CONSENT POLICY (as per Privacy Act 2014)

Purpose of collecting and holding information

  • Personal information is collected about you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care.
  • The personal information we collate needs to be true and accurate for an appropriate assessment, diagnoses and treatment to be performed and advice to be provided on your health care needs.
  • The information collected from you will be kept in electronic form, in a secure data storage location.
  • Personal information is collected through the following methods
    • New patient details form
    • Online through our website
    • Purchase of products
    • Enquiries
    • Competition entries

Privacy and Confidentiality

All your personal information gathered by the Podiatry Services SA during the provision of podiatry services will remain confidential and secure except where:

  • It is subpoenaed by court.
  • Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk.
  • If disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law.
  • There will also be situations where medical information is required to be released and obtained as discussed further.

Privacy Inquiries

Privacy related inquiries or concerns can be directed to the Podiatry Services SA


To provide our clients with optimal holistic podiatry services, we will communicate with external parties about your podiatry care. Accepting a service with Podiatry Services SA gives us permission to release and obtain your personal health information with others involved in your healthcare, within and outside this Practice, including;

  • Written referrals or case discussion with Doctors, Specialists or other health professionals.
  • Sending requests for medical tests where the reports of results are returned to the referring practitioner.
  • Consulting with colleagues of supervisors for the purpose of supervision/training.
  • In the situation of a work/non work injury – discussion and reports sent to Work Cover, insurance agents, employer and anyone who is involved in the management of the of the injury.

At times you may be requests to give consent to the presence of a third party to be present during your consultation, which may also include a student.

You are also free to withdraw your consent at any one time by verbal or written notification.


Podiatry Services SA welcome both compliments and complaints in regards to the service provided to you.

Your feedback is important to us as it enables our organisation to continually improve our services.

Returns and Refunds

Podiatry Services SA will process refunds and refunds in accordance with the Australian Consumer Protection law


Private Paying patients

  • We require payment on the day of service. HICAPS facilities are available in the practice which will process your health insurance, Eftpos and credit cards for easy of payment.
  • We also accept cash and cheques.
  • For home visits payment is required on day of service unless a prior arrangement has been made.
  • Cancellation fees may apply where less than 24 hours’ notice is given.

EPC/CDM or DVA referral patients

  • Clinic visits are bulk billed; therefore if your referral is current no out of pocket expense is required.
  • For EPC referrals please ensure that your visits have not expired or used in other services.
  • If you referral is not current you will need to see your GP for a new referral and provide it to the receptionist prior to your podiatry service. If you attend an appointment without a current referral you will charged for the appointment.