Custom Made Orthotics

Custom Made Orthotics

Specifically designed to support, balance and better position your feet.

Stage 1 – Molding for Success

- Review medical and activity history - Footwear assessment - Detailed biomechanical and gait assessments to observe your lower limb function - Casting of your feet in their corrected position

Stage 2 - Fitting

- Your orthotics will arrive 2-3 weeks after castings - We fit orthotics to your feet and shoe type - Observe you walking in your orthotics and complete necessary adjustments

Stage 3 - Review

- We will review your progress 4-6 weeks after receiving your orthotics - This length of time is ideal to identify before and after improvement - We recommend an assessment of your biomechanics and orthotics yearly

Support, Balance & Position

Our feet are made up of distinct biomechanical characteristics that make them unique. These characteristics often include mild inconsistencies when comparing the left side to the right.

Everyday we compensate for these subtleties causing additional strain and pressure on the body. When we think about the amount of time we spend on our feet, correcting these issues significantly improves function, structure and alignment.

This is where our orthotics come into play.

Our orthotics are custom made inserts to wear inside your shoes. They are specifically designed to support, balance and better position your feet, resulting in improved postural control.

They can reduce pain and injury and are particularly helpful to speed up recovery time post injury or during rehabilitation.

Our orthotics can also assist to redistribute pressure of the body’s weight and cushion your feet to decrease the formation of corns and calluses and to increase comfort.


Orthotics are use to treat conditions including:

Heel or arch pain

General foot pain

Back, knee or shin pain

Plantar fasciitis

Growing pains

Flat Feet & High Arched Feet

Aching or tired legs and or feet


Clawed or hammer toes


Achilles tendon problems

Ankle instabilities (recurrent sprains)