Diabetes & Feet

Diabetes can impact our feet through decreased circulation and loss of sensation to the feet.

Podiatry Services SA recognises the importance of regular assessments to detect these complications and we provide Diabetes Foot Assessments and education to our clients on a yearly basis as recommended by Diabetes Australia.


Our Diabetes Foot Assessments include:

Testing blood flow (circulation) = Diabetes can thicken blood and clog arteries leading to reduced blood flow. This means a small cut wont heal quickly putting you at risk of infection or ulcers.

Testing nerve sensation = High blood sugar levels can cloud the nerves in your feet causing loss of sensation to the point where you may not notice if have stepped on something sharp.

Identifying skin or nail problems

Reviewing the mechanics of the feet to identify high pressure areas

Overall picture of your foot health & associated risk factors

At your assessment appointment Podiatry Services SA podiatrists will provide you education regarding any complication you may have and how to prevent them. We can also provide your doctor with the summarised report of the assessment at you or your doctor’s request.