Our Team

We love what we do and make Podiatry comfortable and convenient.
Our team understands that feet can be a topic that people often shy-away from.
From your first visit, we ensure that you are treated with the best possible care, in a way that is personable, professional and made-to-measure.
Each member of our team has been carefully selected to ensure that your feet are placed in the hands of an expert.


Maria (Mav)

Company Director & Clinical Leader Podiatrist

Hi, I’m Maria, but you can call me Mav.

I am the Director and founder of Podiatry Services SA and am passionate about all things feet. I’m so incredibly proud to see this Company reach its goals and provide an all-inclusive podiatry service in SA.

I have worked in Podiatry for over 20 years, in various Clinical Leader and clinician roles. I love being hands on providing services in clinic and in-home and seeing my patients more mobile and pain free. My areas of expertise are working with complex foot conditions and working within the NDIS and Home Care Package space.

Aside from my clinical role, I enjoy supporting my staff develop their skills in all areas of the practice and organising another area of the business that I’m extremely passionate about which is the Locum service. Being able to find podiatrists for other organisations and businesses to ensure that the community is receiving timely podiatry care and finding work for podiatrists is extremely rewarding.

I have a keen interest in representing and advocating for the profession and I sit on various committees including the Board of the Australian Podiatry Association.

Outside of work I enjoy entertaining, cooking for the masses and spending time with my family and friends.


Tracey M.

Business Manager

Hello, I’m Tracey,

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get” - Forrest Gump

My career has been a bit like a box of chocolates, all my diverse experiences have shaped the type of nurturer and leader I am today, and the adventure continues to be a wonderful ride.

I have worked across multiple areas within the Health Industry from GP Practices, Allied Health and Specialist Rooms, where I have had the privilege to work alongside some of the most amazing and talented professionals.

Commencing my career as a bean counter working with many different businesses from Building and Construction across to Health businesses, just like a box of chocolates!
Apart from managing the day-to-day operations at Podiatry Services SA, I am strongly focussed on encouraging our team to be the best version of themselves, to have kindness and compassion for others, and to continue to shape their own careers.

Outside my daily scope my passion project is a little e-commerce homewares business along with an interest in real estate, and of course the occasional binge worthy series on Netflix.


Spiro V.


Hello, Im Spiro.

Spiro began his career working as an orthotic lab technician in 1988, prior to graduating as a Podiatrist in 1991 and establishing various Podiatry clinics in South Australia.
These included:  Southern Podiatry Centre, Adelaide Podiatry Group, and Podiatry Care. He also helped establish the MFD practice at Unley.

Spiro has helped pioneer 3D Laser scanning and orthotic manufacture since 1996. He also established; Advanced Biomechanical laboratory, helped establish PodScan Orthotic laboratory in Melbourne and was Co-Author of the Practice Builder Program.

Spiro has worked with the pioneers of 3D printed orthotics with the team at iOrthotics in Brisbane, working as their business development manager where he mentored business owners and Podiatrists alike.

Spiro is a consultant with the team at Podiatry Services SA spending his his time teaching, providing clinical direction, and mentoring in the field of Sports and Biomechanics.


Matthew G.


Hi, I’m Matthew.

I graduated University in 2020 and I am delighted to have filled a position, here at Podiatry Services SA. I have worked all across metropolitan Adelaide through various clinical settings and home care.

I really enjoy meeting and treating all the different patients, at the clinic and ensuring they receive the necessary treatment to address any foot concerns. My special interests are in Musculoskeletal Podiatry and Biomechanics. I also enjoy addressing Diabetic foot complications.

When I'm not working I really enjoy cycling, jogging and hiking in the Adelaide Hills. I also find happiness in preparing delicious meals, inspired from various cuisines.


Lauren C.


Hi, I’m Lauren.

I graduated 2 years ago and am loving my time in the industry. I enjoy visiting elderly clients in-home to provide holistic foot care.

I find it most rewarding to see my clients improve their foot health and overall quality of life. I have a strong interest in ensuring that all of my patients receive the utmost of care and that all of their individual foot issues are addressed.

Outside of work, I enjoy and have a liking in Formula One Motor Racing, Classic Cars and Fashion. I also have invested some time into travelling and found Paris to be my favourite destination.


Kelly N.


Hi, I’m Kelly.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry at the University of South Australia in 2020.
I have a keen interest in all aspects of Podiatry, across all ages and am passionate about country health and general wellbeing.

I enjoy meeting and treating patients in the clinic. On the days that I'm not in the clinic, I like to visit the residents at aged care facilities and offer Podiatry care. I really love working here at Podiatry Services SA as I’m surrounded by a fun and supportive team with the opportunity for constant learning and growth through great mentorship and guidance.

In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends. My free time is also shared amongst cooking new recipes, gardening and riding my bike to the beach.

These days, I am interested in reading research articles about various aspects of the lower limb as part of personal development and curiosity.


Justin L.


Hi, I’m Justin.

I’m new to Podiatry Services SA and delighted to be part of a growing and diverse private practice, so early on in my professional career as a Podiatrist. My various experiences in Podiatry care have allowed me to work in both the Private and Public sector.

I have a particular interest in Biomechanics and High-risk Podiatric care and believe that good quality service and foot care could have the ability to create a positive impact on all aspects of my patient’s life.

Alongside Podiatry, I have a particular interest in a wide array of sports, including basketball, badminton, soccer, squash, bouldering, rowing, running and electronic sports.

In the last 5 years, I also engaged myself in Badminton coaching at Saint Ignatius College. I thoroughly enjoyed this important role and found it exceptionally rewarding.


Ray L.


Hi, I’m Ray.

I recently graduated in Podiatry in 2021 and am enjoying my time here at Podiatry Services SA and addressing the various foot concerns of all my patients.

My previous background is in Personal Training and a degree in Nutrition. Both these areas have impacted my experience and approach to providing quality Foot care & health. I believe that continual movement is the key to better overall health regardless of age and that means helping people stay on their feet.

Out of work I’m kept very busy by my 3 children, aged 2-7 years of age and my 4 adorable dogs. When I have the opportunity, I have a passion for short to middle distance running and playing badminton.


Tracey R.

Home Services Coordinator

Hi, I'm Tracey.

I am the Home Services Coordinator here at Podiatry Services SA.

From day to day, I schedule our clients in for their Podiatry Home Visits and liaise with a comprehensive list of home care package providers. My role also has me facilitating all the invoicing for all our Home Visit clients. My role can be quite diverse as I also assist at the front desk with reception roles.

I enjoy the atmosphere at Podiatry Services SA, it is always friendly and we all love having a good laugh with each other.

My step mum always said to me ‘If it does not stop the sun from rising the next day, it is not worth worrying about’. This saying has always stuck with me as it is so true. Everyone has enough to worry about without adding extra things on to yourself.

My favourite binge worthy show would have to be Yellowstone from Stan.


Laura F.

NDIS/ Home Services Team Leader

Hi I’m Laura.

I am the NDIS/Home Services Team Leader. I schedule the NDIS referrals and working with NDIS approvals for footwear requests to ensure that our patients are walking around with well supported and comfortable footwear and any products they may need for care. Some would say I’m the NDIS guru!

Prior to joining the awesome team at PSSA, I was in a similar role working in Paediatrics’ for Dept of Child Protection, Occupational & Speech Therapy. We’re a community base company that take pride with our delivery to these that need us. We don’t treat our patients as a number, we treat them as an individual and provide them the upmost care that they deserve.

I’m not one to sit still as reading a book isn’t my forte, so I do enjoy a good podcast! These can vary from professional development or a good fun Mamamia Out Loud!

Outside of my scope, I have 2 young energizer girls who keep me very busy with sports. I transition from a work to a sports mum very quickly. We enjoy family holidays as far as the eye can see. Summer is my favourite time of the year, and we enjoy family walks along the beach with our little fur baby.


Sharon G.

Reception Co-ordinator

Hi I'm Sharon.

I’m the first face that will greet you once you walk through the front doors as the Reception Co-ordinator. Here at Podiatry Services SA I manage the daily activities around the clinic and at front reception desk.

Podiatry Services SA has a lovely and diverse team who I enjoy working with daily.

I have worked in Administrative Allied Health for the last 10 years, including both Podiatry and Paediatric therapies.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and walking my dog with my kids.
I am currently reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and watching Wednesday on Netflix, inspired by the original TV series, The Addams Family.

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