Biomechanics & Gait Assessments

Evidence based techniques & technology

We use evidence based assessment techniques and technology to develop a complete view of your movement. Gaining a detailed understanding of body mechanics, allows us to identify causes for foot, leg, hip and back problems.

This usually involves the examination of your feet, legs and hips in varied static and dynamic positions and a gait assessment, which analyses your walking style and overall body function.

Our advanced form of video gait analysis at our Plympton clinic records and assesses your posture and body motion. Once the results are reviewed, we are able to explain the source of your condition and develop an effective treatment solution tailored to you.


Biomechanical and gait assessments are particularly useful in helping to diagnose the cause of many conditions and injuries including:

Stress Fractures

Ankle Instability

Achilles Tendon

Clawed or Hammer Toes

Pinched Nerve

Shin Pain

Aching or Tired Legs

Back Pain

Growing Pain

Forefoot Pain

Flat Feet & High Arched Feet

In-toeing Feet

Heel or Arch Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Knee Pain

Knock Knees

We treat most conditions using one, or a combination of the following techniques:We treat most conditions using one, or a combination of the following techniques:


Shoe Modification & Advice




Custom Made Orthoses

Depending on the nature of your condition, we may require additional investigations including x-ray, ultrasound, MRI or referral to a specialist. In these situations, we continue working with you to ensure that you receive the best support and advice.