Tailored Services

We remain on the front foot by continuing to refine and evolve our evidence-based treatment and service delivery. Our innovative and agile business model enables us to create boutique solutions to suit your requirements.


We provide bespoke consulting and advice solutions to bridge skill and knowledge gaps across a range of areas. Our specialised consultancy service is accessible to metro and rural businesses and organisations across South Australia. Consulting topics include, but are not limited to, operational podiatry efficiency and strategic planning to new and established podiatry services.


We provide an inclusive training service that is compatible to your learning style and objectives. We often deliver training to rural nurses, carers and practitioners, as accessing regular podiatry care in remote areas, can be challenging. Our training focuses on enhancing the knowledge and awareness of local practitioners, to reduce common foot health risks through preventative care.

Indigenous Health

In partnership with various organisations such as The Rural Doctors Work Force Agency, we make podiatry care accessible to indigenous communities across SA. Our team has extensive experience working with indigenous communities to increase awareness & deliver preventative health care solutions. We provide an all in one service, meaning that communities receive holistic foot care from the same provider. We provide culturally appropriate podiatry screening, treatment and intervention to assist in reducing incidences of premature deaths and chronic disease related foot complications. As part of our humanitarian values, we are passionate about serving underprivileged communities and continue to expand our work in this space.

Occupational Podiatry / Worksite Assessments

When we think about workplace health and safety, the topic of one’s feet is often overlooked. If an employee has a fall or trip, workplace health and safety assessments generally disregard the risks associated with improper footwear. Manual handling techniques and appropriate work ergonomics are just as important as healthy feet. We provide environment specific education and assessment to ensure that employees have suitable footwear and knowledge about their foot condition. This is especially important for return to work employees or following an injury. Our services extend to all workplaces and occupations, from factories to residential care facilities, and nurses to flight attendants.

Proactive workplace podiatry significantly reduces the risk of injury, including foot irritation, slips and falls, repetitive strain, sprains and chronic foot pain. We promote foot health to employees in these key areas:

Education & Awareness

Workplace Assessment

Preventative Processes

Appropriate Footwear

Individual Screening & Monitoring