Footwear Assessments

Our feet are only as good as the shoes we fill

We encourage reviewing your footwear regularly due to the impact it can have on your feet.


Why is it important to have good fitting shoes:

Good shoes prevent many foot problems

Often the reason feet get sore and have problems is due to poorly fitted shoes

Poor fitting or inappropriate shoes can increase pressure on areas of the feet that are not designed to withstand that pressure

This can cause a wide range of problems, for example abrasions and corns

Podiatry Services SA assess your footwear at your request or if we believe they have caused a problem to your feet.

Podiatry Services SA make recommendations on footwear options that are best for your foot type, to accommodate a bony prominence e.g. a bunion, and or to prevent shearing pressures to decrease corns and calluses.

We assess and make recommendations regarding:

Work boots

Athletic shoes

Work shoes

Every day shoes

Shoes that need to fit orthoses or insoles

Common solutions for uncomfortable or poorly fitting shoes:

More support in your shoes i.e. orthotics

Padding in different areas of your shoe

To change the lacing system in your shoes

A different type of shoe