Residential Care Facilities

Caring, Reliable & Consistent


Proactive Care

We deliver caring, reliable and consistent Podiatry services to Residential Care Facilities across South Australia. Our Aged Care Podiatry team shares a common goal to improve and maintain a resident’s quality of life and mobility through proactive and quality podiatry care solutions.

We work in partnership with each facility to provide a service that is purpose-fit, transparent and streamlined. Our dedicated business and administration team take care of everything from documentation, care plans and scheduling to Medicare policy requirements and bulk billing. We explore all funding and referral options to ensure our service is financially beneficial.

Everything we do is sealed by our Quality Commitment, which guarantees everything from sterilisation and compliance to accreditation and privacy.

We provide expert care in way that is simple and convenient:

Yearly scheduling of podiatry visits

Room to room service (where required)

Educate Facility staff to reduce foot complications through preventive care

Minimise out of pocket expenses

Temporary locum services

Ongoing communication with Residential Care Site Managers to plan, review and enhance Podiatry care solutions.

Our comprehensive range of treatment and services include:

Foot & leg assessment

Gait & falls review

Assessment for footwear, orthotic, insoles & other foot aides.

Referrals for x-rays & ultrasound

Education to families, residents & staff about podiatry, footcare & footwear.

Diabetic footcare


Our commitment to holistic Residential Care Podiatry services extends not only to residents, but also to the staff. We assess and education all employees to ensure they have suitable footwear and knowledge of their foot condition.

Proactive workplace podiatry significantly reduces the risk of injury, including foot irritation, slips and falls, repetitive strain, sprains and chronic foot pain.