Sports Podiatry

We work with you to ensure your
feet perform at the highest level.


It all starts with the feet

When placed under pressure, whether it is walking, running or competitive sport, our feet can easily succumb to injury. Our approach focuses on both preventive and responsive treatment to resolve acute, recurring and chronic issues. Injuries can occur directly in the foot or cause referred symptoms into other parts of the body.

Contemporary Podiatry demonstrates how inadequate structure and or movement of the feet can unbalance our whole body. We work with you to ensure your feet perform at the highest level.

We treat sporting clients of all stripes, from recreational to amateur and professional. Our experienced team will conduct a complete review of your activities, symptoms, footwear and overall body movement.

Our evidence based biomechanical assessment enables us to pin point the exact cause of your symptoms. From there, we will create an effective treatment plan that can be adapted to complement off-season, pre-season and the lead up to match day.

Conditions We Treat

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel & Knee Pain

Achilles Tendonitis


Shin Splints

General Foot Pain

Ankle Instability

Stress Fractures

Morton’s Neuroma

Callus & Corn Formation

Bunion / 1st MTP Pain


Treatment Options


Stretching Programs


Heel Raises/Wedges

Strengthening Programs

Custom Made Orthoses

Corn & Callus Removal

Trigger Points