About Us

Welcome to Podiatry Services SA

We are a passionate group of people who love helping our clients put their best foot forward.  Feet are the foundation of our bodies. Healthy feet are essential in achieving optimal overall health and our team caters to feet of all types.

Our approach focuses on proactive and preventative care, using progressive treatment techniques. We enjoy educating and providing an inclusive client experience that is matched by the quality of our service.

We think of ourselves as partners in achieving healthy feet for each and every client and customer. We take care of every aspect of your feet as if they were our own. Placing your feet in our care is sealed by our ongoing quality commitment.

We are proud to offer clients and customers a fully integrated service, delivering specialised care that is tailored to you. That may mean visiting one of our clinics or we can come to your home, which gives clients choice and convenience. We also partner with a number of organisations such as Residential Care Facilities, Home Care Package providers, and Businesses through our on-site care solutions and locum services.

No matter where, what, when and who, we make foot care easy and accessible.