GAP FREE Orthotic Treatment 2023

Strictly limited time offer

Have you suffered from Foot, Leg, and Back pain, and wondered if customised orthotic therapy could help?
You currently use orthotics?
Sick of swapping them from shoe to shoe?
Need a pair for Sports, Sandals or Work boots? Or you simply haven’t been reviewed this year?
Then here’s the chance for you and your family to experience professional Podiatry treatment with no out of pocket expenses.

How does it work?

You must have a Private Health Fund that covers you for Podiatry and Orthotic treatment. A simple call to them will clear that up if you’re unsure.

STEP 1: Call and ask for the “Gap Free Orthotic Offer”
Plympton 8297 4808
Goodwood 8357 0418
Online (click below)

STEP 2: Your Podiatrist will discuss your needs and perform a biomechanical assessment along with a personalised 3D Laser scan of each foot.

STEP 3: Your Orthoses are designed specifically for you and then 3D printed according to your individual prescription.

STEP 4: A fitting appointment is made whereby your Podiatrist ensures the best possible fit for your orthotics and provides instructions on how to use them.

*The Fine Print

• Minimum rebates are required. All rebates vary depending on Health funds and levels of cover.

• Private Health Extras Cover for Podiatry and Orthotic cover essential.

• Offer excludes any additional treatment.

Orthotics are use to treat conditions including:

Heel or arch pain

General foot pain

Back, knee or shin pain

Plantar fasciitis

Growing pains

Flat Feet & High Arched Feet

Aching or tired legs and or feet


Clawed or hammer toes


Achilles tendon problems

Ankle instabilities (recurrent sprains)